Endpoint Demonstrates New GPS Services at DPW Expo, Waterford

Article Posted: 2016-06-01

Representatives from hundreds of municipalities throughout Wisconsin and Illinois plan to attend a Department of Public Works Exposition held on June 2nd in Waterford, WI.  Endpoint will be demonstrating its newest service: inventorying a municipality's infrastructure and assets with a handheld GPS device.  Even the smallest of municipalities can have well over 1,000 fixed assets.  From signs to poles to sanitary and storm water features and crash protection, municipalities are responsible for the maintenance of all these assets spread over several square miles.  Endpoint staff will demonstrate how data may be collected by combining a GPS unit with a smart phone or tablet as well as how the data are accessible online and may be imported into a GIS database or CAD program.

For more information, email info@endpointcorporation.com or stop by the DPW Expo, held at the Cotton Exchange in Waterford, WI from 9:00am to 3:30pm on Thursday, June 2nd.