Endpoint Retained by Mooseheart for Utility Assessment Study

Article Posted: 2016-05-31

Endpoint Solutions is performing a comprehensive assessment of the sanitary sewer system at Mooseheart Child City & School, a residential childcare facility for children and teens in need, from infancy through high school. Mooseheart is located on a 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. Portions of the sewer system are over 100 years old, dating back to the founding of this unique institution. The goals of the assessment are to evaluate the existing condition of the sewer system, identify portions that need repair, reduce infiltration/inflow, and develop a long-term strategy for maintenance and upkeep. In recognition of the charitable and worthy mission of Mooseheart, Endpoint has donated over $20,000 of in-kind services to Mooseheart during the course of this project thus far.  For more information on this project please contact Wade Wollermann at 414-858-1204 or wade@endpointcorporation.com.