Joining the Endpoint Solutions Team

We understand that administrative, accounting, training and graphics support issues, as well as professional insurance requirements represent impediments to individuals seeking opportunities outside of highly structured organizations. However, we have these support systems in place to provide opportunities and rewards to individuals where other organizations either will not or can not.

Good project managers recognize how valuable their long-term clients are. Is your employer sharing this value with you? If you have strong technical skills, long-term clients that are more interested in working with you than a specific firm, and:

  • Have confidence in your abilities to maintain a consistent backlog of work;
  • Are interested in having more control over how you maintain your client relationships;
  • Are looking for a family-friendly flexible work environment;
  • Understand that client relationships are one of the most important aspects of our business;
  • Are tired of bureaucracy, administrative requirements and other non-technical requirements of many organizations; and
  • Are interested in sharing in a percentage of the profit on your projects.

We can provide an opportunity to receive more than just a paycheck. We are not limited geographically and are actively seeking individuals across the U.S. to expand our coverage and capabilities to meet the demands of our clients. Please contact one of the professionals at Endpoint to discuss your individual situation and arrange for an interview.