Corporate Philosophy

We understand that budgets are limited and environmental compliance is often viewed as unnecessary expenses. Endpoint Solutions believes that a contractual arrangement that involves a guaranteed solution for a guaranteed price on a guaranteed schedule allows our clients to focus on their core business while maximizing profit rather than spending endless amounts of money on environmental compliance and cleanup.

Through creative contracting options including lump sum, firm-fixed price (not-to-exceed) and insured or escrow mechanisms, Endpoint Solutions helps clients manage tight environmental budgets by assuming project risk for cost and performance.

Endpoint Solutions takes on the risk of completing tasks or obtaining regulatory closure by guaranteeing schedules and budgets. Our goal is to make our clients look good by delivering on time and not requiring our clients to need to ask for increasing budgets.

Core Values

Endpoint maintains the following core values when approaching each and every project and opportunity:

Client Service Oriented - Endpoint realizes that being responsive and achieving results for our clients is paramount to our success. We understand that great service is our best marketing strategy.

Integrity & Fairness - Endpoint strives to treat all of our teaming members, subcontractors, suppliers and vendors as equal partners in the delivery of our projects. Fostering trusting relationships that result in benefit to all parties ensures that those team members will be looking forward to the next successful project with Endpoint.

Open Communication - Endpoint focuses on effective proactive communication with our clients, co-workers, regulators and other stakeholders. Open lines of communication make the decision making process in a project much more efficient. By including regulatory parties in project discussions, parties are all aware of expectations up front and are more likely to "buy-in" to project activities.

Organization - Endpoint strives to maintain a high level of organization for our projects and business which allows us to act efficiently and allows outside parties to easily review project data and agree to clear and concise recommendations and decisions based on fact.

Employee Value - In a professional consulting business our employees' skills and knowledge are our product and as such, we recognize where the true value of the company lies. We believe employees should be treated with respect, professional courtesy and justly compensated for their contributions.