Project Descriptions

Endpoint Solutions' staff has successfully managed numerous projects ranging from small site assessments to multi-million dollar brownfield investigations and remediations. The following are a few examples:

CNG Fueling Station

Edwardsville, Illinois

GAIN Clean Fuel, a leading compressed natural gas (CNG) provider out of Appleton, WI, targeted the City of Edwardsville, IL for one of their CNG stations. Endpoint staff served as the Professional Engineers and took the lead on local and state permitting, civil design, and construction management and oversight of the project. The CNG station was the largest station GAIN Clean Fuel had built at the time including three (3) compressors, nine (9) storage spheres, and four (4) fueling bays. The system was designed totarget local fleets, but is also open to the general public. The project was fast-tracked in order to meet tight operation goals and was open for business within six (6) months of authorization.

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Chemical Storage and Distribution Facility Design

Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Endpoint was responsible for the environmental due diligence, air permitting, flammable, combustible and hazardous liquid storage system permitting, system design and construction oversight and testing at a new chemical storage and distribution facility for EMCO Chemical Distributors in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Endpoint served as the Professional Engineers and Wisconsin Aboveground Storage Tank Installers for the chemical storage and distribution system which includes 69 bulk storage tanks and associated equipment and controls. The facility will be the new world headquarters for EMCO.

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Former Iceport Properties

Cudahy, Wisconsin

Endpoint assisted the City of Cudahy with the environmental investigation, regulatory negotiation, remediation and closure of the 29-acre Former Iceport Property brownfield site. Endpoint compiled all historical data for the site from over 20 years of investigation activities by previous consultants, performed soil and groundwater investigations as needed to fill remaining data gaps and developed a comprehensive Remedial Action Plan for the site which would allow the site to quickly and cost-effectively be remediated and prepared for eventual redevelopment. Endpoint helped Cudahy secure nearly $500K in Wisconsin Ready-for-Reuse and Wisconsin Department of Commerce grant funding to offset the planned remedial costs including the import of approximately 70,000 cubic yards of clean fill to construct a site-wide direct-contact exposure barrier. Additional remedial measures included strategic in-situ chemical oxidation injections. Site closure has been obtained and site redevelopment activities by the City of Cudahy have been initiated.

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Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Endpoint managed and performed work under VA IDIQ contract (VA69D-P-1673) for Asbestos, Hazardous Materials and Infection Control Testing & Monitoring at the Milwaukee VA Medical Center (VAMC). The contract covered inspection, testing and monitoring services for a wide range of construction and environmental projects at the hospital. Projects included demolition, renovation/remodeling and new construction of patient, research and administrative areas at the VAMC and individual projects were coordinated though multiple VA project managers and engineers. The Contract was a one (1) year base term with four (4) option years valued at $500K.

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Chemical Manufacturing Facility

Saukville, Wisconsin

Endpoint performs the long-term groundwater monitoring and reporting activities for the facility as well as assists the facility with compliance related to storm water discharges and public relations and community advisory committee meetings. The facilities has relied on Endpoint personnel for the environmental compliance needs for over 16 years.

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Bulk Petroleum Storage Terminals

Multiple Sites, Wisconsin

Endpoint staff perform the assessment, investigation, remediation and regulatory interaction related to recent and historical petroleum product releases at a client’s terminals. Endpoint also provides the terminals with compliance services related to storm water as well as storage tank and pipeline design, permitting, inspection and upgrade assistance. Some of Endpoint's major petroleum storage terminal clientele includes U.S. Oil Co., Inc. and CHS Terminals, Inc.

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Former Manufacturing Site

Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Subsurface investigation activities addressing soil and groundwater impacts had been conducted by Endpoint professionals at the former Cummins Filtration (Cummins) Machine Technology Center (MTC) Site. Over time, various volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and several chlorinated VOCs (CVOCs) had been detected in the samples; however, toluene and benzene were the primary contaminants of concern.

Endpoint was contracted to complete an asbestos, lead-based paint and universal waste survey of the Site building in preparation for demolition and subsurface remediation. Following completion of the Site survey, Endpoint prepared the demolition, abatement and remediation specifications and bidding documents. Endpoint was contracted as the general contractor for the demolition, abatement and remediation phases of activities, with responsibilities including oversight and long term monitoring. Green and sustainable demolition practices included deconstruction of several of the structures for re-use and recycling of the majority of the remaining materials. These services were performed through a lump sum contract with expedited timelines. Activities completed to facilitate a cost-effective remediation of the Site included obtaining a non-hazardous waste determination from the WDNR for Site soils which ultimately allowed remediation including soil excavation with offsite disposition and the placement of a chemical oxidant in the subsurface, to occur. Long term groundwater monitoring is now being completed to assess the effects of the remedial actions.

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Chemical Facility Engineering & Permitting

St. Louis, Missouri

Endpoint provided consulting and professional engineering services to Jost Chemical (Jost) of St. Louis, MO for the design and installation of a $2.5M hazardous chemical storage system.  Jost undertook the project to be able to improve process efficiency, employee safety and raw material costs by being able to receive and store some of their highest throughput chemicals in bulk.  These chemicals included nitric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, caustic soda, caustic potash and ammonium hydroxide.

Jost retained Endpoint to prepare a conceptual design, perform a cost (ROI) analysis,  complete a detailed design and equipment selection, administer contractor bidding and award, obtain necessary permits, and provide construction oversight.  Additional tasks performed by Endpoint included air permitting review and Risk Management Plan development for the new system and SPCC Plan preparation for other chemical storage activities at the facility.

The raw material storage system included the construction of a new 8,000 SF tank building to match existing structures, integrated secondary containment, eight 20,000 gallon stainless steel aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) and controls, distribution piping system and supports, a tanker unloading area with canopy and containment and other miscellaneous site improvements.

Endpoint designed the system to comply with all applicable federal, State and local requirements and regulations as well as other recognized and generally accepted good engineering practices within the industry.

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Lubricant Processing Facility

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Endpoint provided engineering services to Benz Oil for their Milwaukee and Butler, Wisconsin facility operations and expansion. Endpoint assisted with the design and planning for new oil bulk storage tanks, containment systems, piping and loading/unloading rack facilities as well as completed site subsurface investigations and remediation of soil and groundwater. Endpoint staff had been instrumental with previous expansions at the plant as well. Endpoint worked with the local zoning and permitting authorities to gain approval for the planned upgrades and provided construction phase services including consulting related to excavated soil management and tank installation oversight and testing.

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Process Safety Management/Risk Management Plans

Numerous Locations, Wisconsin

Endpoint professionals have assisted numerous clients subject to the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) and USEPA Risk Management Plan (RMP) programs related to ammonia refrigeration systems. Endpoint staff are instrumental in leading Process Hazard Assessments (PHAs), creating operation and maintenance (O&M) procedures and training programs and performing off-site consequence analyses (OCA).

For more information regarding Endpoint's PSM and RMP projects, please contact Joe Mentzer at 414-858-2103 or

Groundwater Monitoring and Investigation Sites

Fort McCoy, Wisconsin

Endpoint was contracted to perform the quarterly groundwater sampling, monitoring and analysis at seven areas within the 60,000 acre Fort McCoy installation. All groundwater monitoring was performed utilizing EPA approved low flow sampling techniques. In addition, the Army contracted Endpoint to perform subsurface soil and groundwater investigations at three (3) locations within the installation related to former incinerator waste disposal operations.

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Former Manufacturing Site

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Endpoint staff planned, managed and oversaw demolition activities, sampling, remediation, and long-term groundwater monitoring as part of a $5.4M third party liability transfer of this 27-acre brownfield site. Site work included the demolition of 57 buildings, active remediation of 33 impacted areas, and site grading and restoration in preparation for re-use as a city park and/or possible residential redevelopment.

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RCRA and OSHA Compliance Assistance

Numerous Locations and Clients throughout Wisconsin

Endpoint staff performed Environmental, Health and Safety compliance assessments and provide assistance to numerous clients throughout Wisconsin. Our assessments look at WDNR, USEPA and OSHA requirements with additional best management practices developed through our extensive experience in the manufacturing sector. Comprehensive EH&S skills include: air; waste and wastewater permitting and reporting; risk assessments; EH&S training & instruction; management system development for OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001; waste minimization and management services; permit reviews and renewal; ergonomic program development; industrial hygiene monitoring and sustainability assessment; and, program development strategies.

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