Endpoint successfully completes installation of horizontal extraction wells for remediation site.

Article Posted: 2020-12-18

Endpoint recently designed and contracted the installation of two horizontal groundwater extraction wells for a remediation system at an active manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.   The total well length of the two wells was 537 feet and they are intended to provide hydraulic control of the groundwater at the arsenic impacted site.   One of the wells was completed with a blind (single entry) borehole and the other was completed with a continuous (entry/exit) borehole using 4-inch diameter HDPE screen and casing.   Biodegradable drilling fluids were utilized and well development was completed using flushing and jetting with a fresh water/liquid enzyme breaker solution.   Endpoint is currently overseeing the construction of the extraction pumping systems as well as conveyance piping for the groundwater treatment system.   For additional information on this project or Endpoint’s remediation design capabilities contact Kirk Kapfhammer, PG at kirk@endpointcorporation.com.