Transparency in Coverage Rule

Article Posted: 2022-06-17

Machine-readable files required on public sites by July 1, 2022, for Transparency in Coverage

As the initial enforcement date of July 1, 2022, approaches for posting the machine-readable files (MRF) under the Transparency in Coverage Rule, UnitedHealthcare is providing an overview of requirements for health insurers and group health plans, including self-funded, UnitedHealthcare Level Funded, Oxford Level Funded and All Savers Alternate Funding clients. 

UnitedHealthcare is committed to supporting the Transparency in Coverage Rule by making MRFs available for UnitedHealthcare self-funded and level funded customers on July 1, 2022.

Self-funded and level funded plans are required to make the MRFs publicly accessible. This requires providing a link to MRFs prepared by the insurer/TPA.

To meet this requirement, MRFs will be posted monthly on This location is publicly available and accessible to all — no authentication is required.

While these files are accessible to all, the file itself is large, written in JSON — a machine-readable language — and not easily interpreted or searchable.

MRF for self-funded and level funded plans
To comply with the Transparency in Coverage Rule, self-funded and level funded customers must post the link on a publicly available website. 

For more information, please refer to the frequently updated Transparency in Coverage FAQs and Transparency in Coverage website.